Fixed Rate of Return – Return is Fixed at the Time of Purchase


A Bonds are units of corporate debt issued by companies and securitized as tradeable assets.A bond is referred to as a fixed-income instrument since bonds traditionally paid a fixed interest rate (coupon) to debtholders. The primary goal of a bond fund is often that of generating monthly income for investors. This ensures diversification in your portfolio with risk free return.

  • This is investment in government and corporate pool and ensure safety of your funds.

  • Fixed rate of return – Return is fixed at the time of purchase

  • Liquidity – The bond can be transferred to other easily and one can get fund.

  • Risk – Free Investment option

With Fintales, investing in bondis hassle - free. You can even do it right from your home. Here are the steps you can follow to begin your tax saving:

  • 1

    Click on a Bonds on our website or download Fintales app through Google Playstore.

  • 2

    Complete your KYC formalities with our help desk team and transfer your responsibilities to us.

  • 3

    Provide the necessary details and documents as required.

  • 4

    Our experts find best Bonds that suit your needs.

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    Select the fund with our experts and transfer the required amount.

  • 6

    Buy a best bond from Fintales in few minutes.

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