Gold is one of least available common metals on the earth. Due to the rise in the prices of Gold. As gold is a precious metal and it is part of our culture, people are very much interested in this product. There are many number of people who become part of gold saving schemes.

Gold investment is important to understand as historically, it has been proven to be a good hedge against weakened currency and inflation. This makes it a particularly safe investment, more so when we are living in uncertain times.

The price of gold can be volatile in the short term, it has always maintained its value over the long term.

Investing in gold is just like investing in any other investment instruments, which can generate wealth over a longer period of time. Gold is considered a safe asset in case of a financial crash, runaway inflation, or global depression. Gold has a high capital gains tax in most countries. The trade of gold is one of the best sources of income. Gold can be used to make jewellery to sell and earn a profit. Profits can also be gained merely by selling the precious metal. Gold is one of the easiest forms of liquid money. If you need, liquidate it and the same can be done very easily.

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    Physical Gold by jewellers

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    Gold Saving Scheme in Mutual Fund

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    Gold Deposit Scheme by Bank

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    Gold ETF

Gold mutual funds and ETFs are good option as compared to physical gold. ... However, the price of gold is influenced by the market and a variety of other external factors, making it an inherently riskier asset than FDs, PPFs, etc.

Gold is considered a safe investment. We typically turn to gold when there is fear in the market and they expect prices of stocks to go down. Furthermore, gold is not an income-generating asset. Unlike stocks and bonds, the return on gold is based entirely on price appreciation. Gold has always been considered to be a hedge against inflation.

Gold is considered as an unproductive commodity that is an investment that will never produce anything. The actual growth of gold's value depends on the proposition that someone else will eventually pay for it more. Until it's sold, gold gives absolutely nothing as an asset.

Gold Funds

LIC MF Gold ETFHighCommodity6778.82-33.54(-0.49%)NAV As on 22-Jul-202424.02%1Y15.44%3Y15.15%5Y
SBI Gold-Reg(IDCW)HighCommodity22.06-0.07(-0.30%)NAV As on 22-Jul-202422.85%1Y14.55%3Y15.01%5Y
SBI Gold-Reg(IDCW-Payout)HighCommodity22.06-0.07(-0.30%)NAV As on 22-Jul-202422.85%1Y14.55%3Y15.01%5Y
SBI Gold-Reg(G)HighCommodity22.05-0.07(-0.30%)NAV As on 22-Jul-202422.85%1Y14.55%3Y15.00%5Y
Axis Gold Fund-Reg(IDCW)HighCommodity21.99-0.21(-0.95%)NAV As on 22-Jul-202422.13%1Y14.51%3Y14.97%5Y
Axis Gold Fund-Reg(G)HighCommodity21.97-0.21(-0.95%)NAV As on 22-Jul-202422.13%1Y14.51%3Y14.97%5Y
Invesco India Gold ETF FoF(IDCW)HighCommodity21.31-0.06(-0.28%)NAV As on 22-Jul-202422.23%1Y14.30%3Y14.84%5Y
Invesco India Gold ETF FoF(G)HighCommodity21.31-0.06(-0.28%)NAV As on 22-Jul-202422.24%1Y14.30%3Y14.84%5Y
HDFC Gold ETFHighCommodity64.45-0.32(-0.49%)NAV As on 22-Jul-202423.19%1Y14.87%3Y14.76%5Y
Aditya Birla SL Gold Fund(IDCW-Reinv)HighCommodity21.880.01(0.06%)NAV As on 22-Jul-202422.32%1Y14.25%3Y14.72%5Y
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